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Intellectual Property of the Philippines

Intellectual Property

Please take note that the content and the materials of this course are part of the Intellectual Property of Learn Computer Today – LCT Learn Computer Today Co. LTD. and are protected by copyright Law in the Philippines. Any part that is reproduced without written consent from LCT Learn Computer Today is prohibited and punishable by law.


Please see the Philippine Laws on Intellectual Property: PHILIPPINE LAWS R.A. 8293 – An Act prescribing the Intellectual Property Code and establishing the Intellectual Property Office, providing for its powers and functions, and for other purposes; the Intellectual Property Code, as amended by R.A.s 9150, 9502, and 10372 R.A. 165 – An Act creating a patent office, prescribing its powers and duties, regulating the issuance of patents, and appropriating funds therefore R.A. 166 – An Act to provide for the registration and protection of trade-marks, trade-names, and service marks, defining unfair competition and false marking and providing remedies against the same, and for other purposes PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. 49 –  Decree on the protection of intellectual property – see the article here.


Any Person

This states that no part of our training courses or our topics should be reproduced or copied without any written consent from Learn Computer Today. Vloggers – This also states that copying our teaching materials and learning content to be reproduced or copied for YouTube or other Social Media content is also prohibited. Trainers – Trainers from the public and private sectors are not allowed to copy and reproduce course materials and content.

Other Course Providers are also prohibited from imitating, copying or reproducing learning materials and content for free or profit generation.


Persons allowed to use with limitations:

Teachers – Teachers in Public and Private can use course learning materials and content for educational purposes but are limited only within the classroom and teaching facilities. Uploading to Public media is not allowed.

Professors in Public Universities – Professors in public universities are also allowed to use course materials and content within the learning facilities while uploading to public media is prohibited.

Professors in Private Universities – Only the concepts and overview are allowed to be used, but not allowed to copy and reproduce content and materials. Please make sure to include Learn Computer Today in your references as a gratitude for our hard labor and endless work of providing high-quality content.  


Our purpose on Intellectual Property 

Our main purpose is to protect the courses, the learning materials, and content from unauthorized use, especially in “money-making schemes” used by some “Course Providers”, “Technopreneurs” and others, whose primary goal is to gain money in selling “copied”, “reproduced materials and content”, “Pirated Contents”. Our aim is to provide high-quality learning courses and materials to all who are interested with the goal of helping everyone learn Technology at a very affordable price, and gain high-paying skills ready for the future. Maraming Salamat po! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas, Mabuhay po tayong lahat! “Learn New Skills, Prepare for the Future”

© Learn Computer Today Philippines ®

*Learn Computer Today Philippines and its logo is an official international trademark registered in the Philippines. 

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