He is a Freelancer Programmer and a Python Tutor  whose hobby is to create programs and simple games. He has received several certifications including the HackerRank Certifications for Python, JAVA and MySQL.

“I am Altis Jessie Niño DP. Dulay.

I am a person who loves to program in my past time. I believe that every single one of us has the chance to change the world, especially if you have the right motivation and determination to do it.

I’ve been studying programming for over a year now, I am a self-taught programmer and I love to teach others, because it gives me the proper motivation to help by simply teaching them.

Teaching is one of my passion, and I really think that it goes on with programming so I thought, “Why not teach programming?”.

Here I am now! Trying to teach the knowledge I’ve learned over time, helping beginners achieve their dreams and goals to become better programmers. I know that it is a little skill compared to others, but every time I create a course topic, I learn new things.

These new knowledge of mine will be forever nourished and will be one of the main reason why I need to keep teaching. To teach others is to learn as well.

Thank you and see you in the course!”

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