About Us

Know more about our history, mission, vision and plans ahead.


To provide high quality learning materials to every Filipino individual who desires to learn modern day technological skills for career building, business and freelancing, through systematically designed courses at a very affordable cost.


To become the best online training provider in the Philippines with the highest quality standards available, equipping people with the right skills for any job, thus preparing you for the future.

Brief History

It was a day in September 2019 that I’ve noticed the wave of advertisements on Facebook, offering Courses on digital end, like marketing, web development, WordPress, ecommerce, freelancing, etc. I got curious of what they’re teaching online, so I enrolled in most of them. Luckily, I have acquired some knowledge of what they teach. But for me, there should be deeper learning on each subject. Deeper in the sense of the scope of the subject. Not just tell people what the topic is all about, but to understand what, why and the how of the aspects of it.  To provide the actual demonstrations and allow learners to experience it in real time. And so, we decided to start Learn Computer Today.

Our primary goal is to reach out to Filipino individuals whose desire is to learn new technological skills that will create job opportunities locally and abroad. Meeting the challenges in life, both financially and education, we aimed to provide high quality content at a very affordable cost. Content that will be sufficient enough for start up skills by which with constant learning and practice will definitely produce good results that will lead to career opportunities, promotion, business and freelancing.

Learn Computer Today is now a duly registered Company to Securities and Exchange Commission under the Education Support. The instructors and signatories have TESDA Certification, with enough training and experience to share to every Filipino. We are also aiming to get certification from Department of Information and Communication Technology so we can provide more technical learning to all.

Thank you for being interested in knowing us, we believe we can be partners together in learning more,  for the development of our well-being  and preparation for our future. We hope to see you in our lessons. God bless and keep safe!

Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission

Learn Computer Today is duly registered to the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission under Educational Support. A proof of our sincere commitment in bringing technology to all who want to learn. The certificates issued by Learn Computer Today are valid and can be used for Job Applications and others.  You can verify our SEC Registration by clicking the button below and type in our name Learn Computer Today or SEC number.

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