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New and updated  Courses. Learn through well-guided, Step by Step, Beginner to Advanced approach, with Real World Projects to practice new found skills.

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Learn through Instructor-led step-by-step training in Tagalog-English, with assessment tests and actual projects.


Real skills will be learned through understanding the concepts and procedures, instructor-led practice, and doing Real-world projects.


Learn Computer Today is a global brand name registered through IPOPHL (Philippines) and through Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Educational Support. This means your certificates and badges are international.

Earn our internationally recognized Certificates and Badges

Earn Certificates

Earn certificates from our courses and share them to your Portfolio and on your social media accounts like LinkedIn and others, this will make you more qualified for a job and can they be verified through our online verification system.

Earn Badges

Each time you finish a specialized course from us you will earn a Badge, proof that you have passed our standards and you can attach them to your Portfolio.

Job Ready

You will have job-ready skills after completing a course path, and you will have the confidence to pass your interviews and perform great on the job.

Start from Basics Proceed to Advanced

Through our unique learning system, you will learn the step-by-step way of gaining real-world skills from basics to advanced,  with the guidance of an instructor, and ask for assistance anytime.

Michael G. Tan

Join our Career Path + On-the-Job Taining

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Become A Software Engineer in the Process

Through our Career Path Roadmap you can become a Software Engineer certified by Learn Computer Today.

No educational background is needed, starting from basics to becoming advanced in three major fields: Software Development, Full Stack Web Development, and WordPress Professional Development.

Please take note that this will take some time to accomplish. You will need determination and focus and we will assist you in getting there.

Earn as much as P3 Million Pesos per year as a Developer!

Learn Through Actual Projects

You will learn effectively through our Actual Projects, with guidance on how to do it, and will be assisted until you create your own work. You will gain experience and you will have your own samples for your potential clients and job applications.

Free Courses with Certificates

5 (3)
In this course, you will learn how to use Visual Studio Code as one of your text editors for your IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The ins...
21 Lectures
Lifetime Access
5 (15)
This course will help you understand Web Development in a Practical Approach. It is specially made for beginners with Zero Knowledge to better unde...
39 Lectures
18 Hours Training
5 (10)
In this course, you will be able to learn what ChatGPT is and be able to use it to boost your personal learning and research. We will walk you thro...
30 Lectures
Lifetime Access
Free Courses
5 (21)
Enroll this course for free! In this course, you will learn the basics and standard procedures for using Git and GitHub. You will be guided by the ...
24 Lectures
Lifetime Access
Free Courses
5 (52)
In this course, you will learn the first steps to programming. You will be guided through the step-by-step procedure in preparation for Programming...
32 Lectures
Free Courses
5 (8)
In this course you will learn the Basic operation for Windows 10 Pro Version with the latest update as of 2022. You will learn how to use Windows 1...
23 Lectures
Lifetime Access
Computer Hardware
5 (1)
If you like to have a handy and super affordable desktop PC, then this is the best course for you. In this course you will learn how to build a de...
20 Lectures
Lifetime Access
Free Courses
4.9 (8)
The course is a preparation for those who like to build their Career for the Future. It covers the reality behind developing a Career and introduce...
22 Lectures
Lifetime Access

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Become a Developer Today

Become a Developer Today

Become a Developer Today

What students says about Learn Computer Today

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Average Salary in the U.S.

These jobs are waiting for you locally and internationally and you don’t need to be a Computer Science or Information Technology (I.T.) graduate to do this, no age limit. All you need is motivation.

Average Salary Source: indeed.com

Web Developer

$74,692 USD

P4,165,720 (P4.1 Million) per year in Philippine Peso with the exchange rate of P55.91 = $1 USD as of August 2022 average salary.

Full Stack Developer

$100,130 USD

P5,597,867 (P5.6 Million) per year in Philippine Peso with the exchange rate of P55.91 = $1 USD as of August 2022 average salary.

Software Engineer

$127,448 USD

P7,125,107 (P7.1 Million) per year in Philippine Peso with the exchange rate of P55.91 = $1 USD as of August 2022 average salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

All paid and free courses will be in Tagalog (Filipino Dialect) except in the Courses in the Membership Pro Access.

Our mode of learning will be through our online Web-based Learning System, with guided lessons, actual projects, simulations, Self-Assessment Tests, Real World Projects Submissions, with Step by step video tutorials and assistance from the instructors. 

Our courses are Self-paced, once you are enrolled in the course, you can study anytime, and accessible through PC, Laptop, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc. just login to your account.

Yes, each course provides digital certificate, which you can download anytime, but you need to finish your course first and you can receive it automatically.

Yes, one time payment, lifetime access with no expiration and no deadline submission dates.

Yes, you can post your question to the topic’s question tab, and an instructor will help you through the topic. You can also chat us through our chat plugin.

You can pay via our Website’s Payment System – Bux Payment (GCash, Grab, BPI, 7 Eleven) etc. You can also pay via Paypal.

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