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Career Path Specialization


Choose Your Career

Choose a field of Career Path Specialization and we will train you with our team. You can select one or all of these area of learning:

  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Software Developer
  • WordPress Professional Developer

Learn with the Instructor

Your instructor will be your guide throughout your career learning. You will be trained together with others through these systems:

  • Step by Step Learning
  • Access Our Online Learning Management System
  • Self-Assessment Tests
  • Actual Projects for Your Portfolio
  • Real World Projects
  • Access Project Management System
  • Gain On-the-Job Training Experience through Actual Projects
  • Be a Certified Developer Today

Mode of Learning

You will learn through our World-Class Online Learning System, where you can access training led by the instructors through real-world projects, where you can also meet your instructors online via schedule. 
Mode of learning includes the following:

  • Guided Learning through our Online Learning System
  • Specifically-Made Online Courses for your Career Path
  • Scheduled Live Training (Wednesday or Saturday or Sunday 7PM onwards)
  • Learn at your Own Desired Schedule
  • Learn Courses of your own choice
  • From Basic to Advanced Training approach
  • Automated Self-Assessment Test
  • Projects Checked by Instructors 
  • Capstone Projects
  • Certification Exams
  • Continuous Learning and Development
  • Lifetime Access and Review Courses anytime

On-the-Job Training

A minimum of six months of On-the-Job Training is granted to all students of the career path as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Accomplished Projects under the Career Path
  • Have completed most of the courses provided
  • Able to create his/her own Projects
  • Able to show competency in the chosen career path
  • Guided by Your Instructor/ Supervisor

Benefits of the Career Path

Once you have joined the Career Path, you will have these benefits that will define your future in technology. Here are they:

  • Job Readiness and Freelancing
  • Gain Solid Skills for Technology
  • Actual Real-World Projects as Samples
  • International Certification and Badges to Boost Portfolio
  • Highly Competitive Skills

One Time Fee

The Total Training fee will be P16,000 per Career Path

  • P16, 000 Total Fee
  • Can be paid one time
  • Access to All Courses, Projects, Live Discussions, Exams, etc. included in the chosen Career Path
  • You can enroll in all career paths as you like, payment is per Career Path P16,000 each.
  • All Career Paths opens all courses for you and you can learn them anytime at your own pace.

Installment for Six Months

The training fee will be P3,000 monthly within the six months training duration.

  • P3,000 Minimum Monthly Fee (you can also pay in advance)
  • Total of P18,000 installment basis
  • Access to All Courses, Projects, Live Discussions, Exams, etc. included in the chosen Career Path

Start via One Time Payment

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Or Start via Installment

You can also enroll via Gcash direct to the instructor through the messenger button below.

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