Workshops + On-the-Job Training

Be Trained and Gain Experience!

6 Months of Intensive Training

Train as a Team, Work as a Team

Watch the details and mechanics

Train as a Team

Choose a field of specialization and we will train you with your team. You can select your area of expertise:

  • Web Development Coding / WordPress Development CMS
  • Programming and Software Development
  • IT Support / Technical Support
  • Virtual Assistance / Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing / Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO and Content Writing

Work as a Team

You will work with a team so you can perform your job role and gain experience as you build projects for clients in the real world.

  • Job Description and Roles
  • Build Projects Together
  • Work with Team’s Project Management System and Workflow
  • Work with Team’s Customer Relation Management System
  • Work with Team’s Software with A.I. Integration

Training Inclusion

You will be led by Instructors via scheduled live coaching and flexible online courses with training guides and materials along with your team. You will also have access to web applications and software for building projects.

  • Scheduled Live Training (Saturday or Sunday 7PM onwards)
  • Online Training Courses for your specific Job description and Role (self-paced)
  • From Basic to Advanced Training approach
  • Learning by Team Work
  • Team Project Building
  • Access to Web Applications
  • Access to Project Management Systems
  • Access to Customer Relation Management System
  • Access to Software for Project Building

Training Duration

The minimum duration for the On-the-Job Training is six-months and after that you can get your certificate of training and employment record from us along with other certificates.

  • Minimum of six (6) months of training
  • After (6) months you can extend your training as long as you want
  • You will receive your performance rating based on accomplishments and teamwork 
  • You will receive your Certificate of Training and Employment Record according to your total months

Training Fee

The training fee will be P3,000 monthly within the six months training duration.

  • P3,000 Monthly Fee
  • Minimum of  Six Months of Training
  • If you like to extend the training add a monthly fee

Training Benefits

After the minimum six (6) months of training you will have the following:

  • Certificate of Training
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Employment Record
  • Performance Record
  • Course Certificates (what you were trained for)
  • International Badges (proof of your skills)
  • Your Name listed on our Website page as qualified personnel
  • Letter of Recommendation

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The training fee will be P3,000 monthly within the six months training duration and you can extend it as long as you like!

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