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Apply for Installment

Hi There!

We are happy to help you with the installment process for our Career Path Courses.

Our Career Path courses are designed for you to learn the best way of acquiring the skills needed for your career path.

Please take time to read our policy for Installments before proceeding to the application for the installment option.

Policy for Installment Option

Please take note of the following terms and condition:

  1. The total amount to be paid for the Career Path Courses  will be P18,000 Philippine Peso
  2. The initial payment to begin the career path is P3,000 Philippine Peso
  3. The payment due date will be every 15th of the month
  4. You will need to update your payment every month until the sixth month
  5. After six months of payment amounting to P18,000 in total, all courses will be lifetime access, and all certificates and badges
  6. The student can pay the installment fees in advance anytime to lessen the balance.
  7. If the student fails to update his/her payment on TWO CONSECUTIVE months, he/she will lose all access to courses, certificates and badges.
  8. If the student returns to enroll again in the same Career Path, he/she needs to pay the full remaining balance to continue his/her Career Path.
  9. If the student was able to pay all remaining balance on or before the sixth month, everything in his Career Path will be lifetime Access and all of the certificates and badges will be permanent.
  10. Reselling the student account to others will result to a permanent ban from the institution and revocation of all certificates and badges.
  11.  Copying and Recording the courses will result in a permanent ban from the institution.

If you agree to the terms and conditions above, you can now proceed to your application for Installment Option.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to message us with the chat button below, or contact us via our Official Facebook page: Learn Computer Today.

Apply for Installment

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