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Welcome to our Pro Membership Page!

By joining our Annual Pro membership, you will have exclusive access to additional resources and courses available for training and enhancements. You will also get updates whenever new materials are uploaded and added to our database.

Members Benefits:

  • Get 20% Discounts on All Paid Courses
  • Free Access to Additional Training Courses
  • Free access to Open Source Software 
  • Free access to additional Real World Projects
  • Certificates for every Course Completed
  • English / Tagalog Additional Tutorials 
  • Valid for 1 Year and Renewable  for the next years.

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Additional Compiled Training Courses

These are free courses provided by different institution like Microsoft, CompTIA and others, compiled together for additional learning for all members. More will be added soon!


Open-Source Software and Simulators

Open-source Software are distributed for free by Developers for Personal Use, Practice and  Development which are under Creative Commons. 

Free PDF Books

Free PDF Books available online under Creative Commons which is available for personal use and skill building. (Not Pirated PDF)

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* Disclaimer: All courses, software and simulators provided  are  free and not for sale. They are free version provided by their respective authors and developers. We do not promote pirated software and we are not selling free software. The amount covers the maintenance of our Online Learning System for One Whole Year and renewable for the next years

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