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Available Skills Badges

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How to earn a Skills Badge?

You can earn Skills Badges by completing the necessary requirements for the Badges including the comprehensive exam and the Capstone Project for the badge. Some badges require completion of a course or courses and passing the exam to get the badge.

What are the benefits of having Skills Badges?

Skills Badges serves as additional certification that you really have the skills to do the task. It will help you earn trust from your clients and employers. You can attach them to your resume/ CV and display them to our Portfolio which will help give impressions that you are fit and qualified for the job. 

Can I share my badges to Social Media?

Yes, you can share your Skills Badges to your Social Media accounts, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Dribble and others.  

Sample of how your Skills Badge will look like when you share it.

You will receive an email once you have earned a badge and verify it via open badge.

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