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Software Developer Career Path + OJT

In this career path, you will learn different programming languages necessary to build software applications. The training will start from ... Show more
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In this Career Path, we will guide you in developing skills for Software Development. We will start through the basics so you will have solid foundations in programming, and learn different programming languages. In each programming language we learn, we will create real-world projects, so you can immediately apply your learning to the real world. You will undergo a minimum of six months of training, with lectures, coding, and practice. Our projects are not practice projects nor exercises, they are real programs applicable in the real world. The task of the Software Developer is not just about creating software and applications, but it is about problem-solving. Real World Problem-Solving. By creating solutions to real-world problems through the means of software or applications, we become Software Developers with a purpose. This career path will definitely help you learn and develop the skills necessary to become a Problem-Solver – Software Developer. Benefits from this Career Path

  • Beginner to Advanced (from zero knowledge)
  • Become a Certified Software Developer
  • Higher Salary
  • Work Anywhere Anytime as a Real Software Developer
  • Deploy your Own Software/Apps for Sale
  • Make Apps for Companies
  • Become a Freelancer as a Software Developer
  • Earn Hundreds or even Millions in the next 5 years as a Software Developer

In this career path, you can expect these topics to be discussed and create real-world projects with the guidance of your instructor. Included Courses:

  1. Introduction to Programming
  2. Programming Basics
  3. Python Fundamentals
  4. Python Intermediate
  5. Git and Github
  6. Python Challenger I and II
  7. Python with Flask Framework
  8. Django Web Application
  9. Java Programming
  10. C# Programming
  11. Data Structure and Algorithms
  12. UX/UI Design
  13. DevOps for Developers
  14. Software Development Real-world Projects which will become your Portfolio Projects
  15. Software Developer Final Exam – 150 Questions with Coding Challenges (Unlimited Retake if Failed)
  16. Software Developer’s Certification
  17. Software Developer’s Badge – Shareable to LinkIn and your social media accounts
  18. On-the-Job Training Certificate
  19. Portfolio Setup
  20. Curriculum Vitae Builder / Resume Builder
  21. Job Opportunities in the Philippines
  22. Job Opportunities abroad
  23. Getting Hired
  24. Work Ethics
  25. Freelancing as a Software Developer


  • Courses will be continuously added and will be free for a lifetime under Full Stack Web Development.
  • No Educational Background Needed
  • No Deadlines for Projects
  • 2x Meeting a week with Instructors and fellow students online
  • More instructions inside the Career Path

These courses are self-paced, ready, and available anytime once you get enrolled with Lifetime Access Training Access to:

  • Project Management System
  • Google Class for Software Developers
  • Google Meet for Weekly Live Training (Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday Exclusive for Software Developers)
  • Learning Materials and Progress Reports

Training Schedule:

  • Flexible Time during weekdays
  • Fixed Schedule for Live Training once a week
  • Six months minimum Training (you can extend if you like to have more months as OJT Trainee)
  • Extended Deadline for Real World Projects

Payment Options:

  • One-time payment of P16,000 total
  • Installment for Six Months Duration P18,000 total (P3,000 per month until fully paid)

Pay via Website: Click the “Get Course” and go to Cart

    • BUX Payment (Union Bank) – GCash, BDO, BPI, Grab Pay, 7-Eleven and more
    • Paypal – Use your Paypal Account
    • Direct Gcash – Michael Tan 09386159179
    • Direct BPI Bank – Michael Tan – 5806432956

 To pay just click GET COURSE button

For Installment please proceed to this link:

Career Path + OJT Installment Option

You can also ontact us via Messenger Button in this site or send an email at learncomputertoday101@gmail.com

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Software Developer Career Path Access
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Duration Lifetime
Lectures 21
Level Beginner
Certified Software Developer
Full lifetime access
Mobile, Desktop and Laptop
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