WordPress Professional Developer

What can I benefit from this course path?

  • The Full-Stack Web Developer Career Path is a combination of Front-End and Back-End Web Development courses that focus on Website Deployment, Database Management, and Web Applications.
  • You will learn the essential frameworks, scripting languages, APIs, functions, and implementations.
  • You will create actual projects for real-world applications, and pass self-assessment tests and final project submissions.
  • You will receive your Full-Stack Web Developer Certificate along with other certificates and Badges as proof of your sincere learning for web applications.
  • This course path will guide you to your success as a Full-Stack Web Developer.
  • You can earn up to $250,000 US dollars per year or P14M  Philippine Pesos per year ( US Employment as Senior Web Dev)

To whom is this for?

  • To anyone who likes to venture into web development
  • Career shifters and career builders
  • Beginners with zero knowledge of web development
  • To people who have web development training but like to upgrade their skills 
  • Non-IT or IT students

What are the requirements?

  • No educational background is needed.
  • Basic Tagalog and Basic English
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Internet Connection
  • Mobile Phone or Laptop or Desktop

Start with WordPress Development I, then continue through WordPress Pro Design

Course Path

WordPress Development

Learn the Basics of WordPress Development, and gain skills through actual building it.

WordPress Pro Design

Create, Build, and Manage your Own Portfolio website Professionally, with Webhosting, sub-domain, and Plugin licenses. 

PHP Basics for Web Servers

Learn PHP Backend Scripting Language, Syntax, Foundations, Functions, and manage WordPress’ back-end development.

Search Engine Optimization and Copywriting

Learn how to configure WordPress and other websites for SEO and learn the art of copywriting to generate sales.

Earn Four Certificates, Four Badges plus Specialization Certificate and Exclusive Badge

Specialization Certificate and Exclusive Badge


You can attach your certificate to your resume or CV, and share it via LinkedIn, your portfolio website.


You can attach your Badge to your resume or CV, and share it via LinkedIn, your portfolio website.

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